March 24, 2021

Divine intervention and a God Given Purpose

Divine intervention and a God Given Purpose
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GROW.  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

The address to the haunted house is still on my driver's license.  We had just moved in in March of last year, Right as the Pandemic locked us down. I was on lockdown in a  100 year old house with racist demons and a evil husband.

But God and the GROW Program in August 2020.

I notice everything now.  Look at me and the One of the Original Freedom Fighters.  No, not perfect but Lincoln had a Heart and was a Man of God.

Abraham Lincoln Righted the Wrong of Slavery, even though he knew it could cost him his life.  He knew it would but it was his God Given Purpose.  He even said so before he was elected President.

There are people like You who are a part of this journey who don't realize the GROW journey hasn't even ended yet!  It's going to be a beautiful Happy ending and you are a part of it!

 Keep GROWing in God!