Sept. 7, 2022

By the Spirit of the Lord within us, Let us GROW

By the Spirit of the Lord within us, Let us GROW
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

African American?
Yes Blessed, 

I am African First

Then I am the World💯✨💝

If only I had the money, 
I could Lift the World

       That’s about to Change❗️

I’m starting with the WoMan in the mirror
here, in the Good ‘ol USA

Love me and Love others as well

Peace within, Peace without 
hate, Love makes us Great

We are all Legends, Born to Be Alive
Born to GROW

All I need is to get the Story out
It has to fall on the Right ears, 

You cannot ask the oppressed to Lift the Oppressed, 

or can You? 

That’s what we are doing! 
Rise Keepers of the Dream! God is Moving within each of us to do the Right Thing 

Spirit Love

Where you See a need, Sow a Seed
here, there, Anywhere, God is a Spirit watching Everywhere 

You can’t hide from God,
That’s why it doesn’t Go right

If it ain’t in the Plan of God

       God is Love

Sow Love, GROW

You got some Spare Change?

Use it to Change the World💯, 
for our Tomorrow 💫💞

God help us 
God Bless us as We GROW

       Sow Love for the World, As the World Turns, We GROW