Jan. 3, 2021


Speaking on the past what happened to my Ancestors is Not racist. This country needs to completely reckon with its Racist past so we can properly move forward as a Nation!

Twitter said that what I spoke on African spirituality is hate speech.  No, it isn't, it is the TRUTH! This is what I said:  "African distrust of African spirituality actually is understandable. Anything that has ever had to do with us has been made to be a evil. That's why we are called black which means evil black is derived from negro which means Black in Spanish.   Black is a color.  You are not black you are African."

This is not hate speech this is the truth.   Twitter is okay with Donald Trump to spewing hate all day long but when I speak the truth Twitter has a problem with it well I have a problem with Twitter!  I will Not be Shut down or Shut up!  I will continue to Speak the Truth until things Change for Africans all over the world Twitter and Anyone else who can't handle the truth!