March 20, 2021

The Light of God

The Light of God

The Light of God, Love.

We would die without it Spiritually, then Physically.

A Spiritual death is the worse death.  It means you have lost all hope are waiting on the Physical death which will carry your Soul on to Judgment.  

Because of the Evil of the World, many have lost all hope and belief in God.  How can there be a God with so much Evil and Suffering?  

I am here to tell you God is real and there is a Force Greater and more Prominent and Relevant than the Evil of this World.  The Judgers are Sitting High and looking Low.  Trust that!  I have been in touch.

Keep GROWing in God and Rise over the Evil, you Will be blessed.  Check your Heart;  It is the design of your Actions and by which you shall be judged.  

Do a Heart Check up on yourself.  Is your Heart in the right place?  You duck and hide in Church but you can't hide that Evil heart from God.