Jan. 19, 2021

The Staircase

The Staircase

This is the Haunted house where the GROW Program was birthed. This house was built in 1920, forty-seven years before I was even born at a time when Racism and the Slaughter of Africans was prevalent.

The demonic spirits in this house were very unhappy that an African family moved here and let it be known on many occasions.  Where the arrow is pointing is where a sheet of water poured, where there are No Pipes!  The house survived a fire in the 70's.  If the Evil Spirits are up doing, then, you Know the Good Spirits are also. Note the curtains I told you about. This was All my furniture and stuff but it turned creepy and I left Everything!

The Good Spirits helped me Overcome the Evil and to Overcome my own personal Oppression and now we are GROWing in 28 Countries.  

 I thank God for the Beloved Ancestors who helped me and we are Now helping the World. African Spirituality is Godly and it is Real.

GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom