Feb. 15, 2021

Love Is Really Written in the Stone of our Hearts

Love Is Really Written in the Stone of our Hearts

They Look like what they Are, a display of Royalty, African Kings! 

"I found that Love provides the key
Unlocks the heart and souls of you and me
Love will learn to sing your song
Love is written in the stone
Every man, I meet is walking time
Free to wander, past his conscious mind
Love will come and take you home
Love is written in the stone,"  the Legends, the Kings who taught us Love in their Music, Earth Wind and Fire.

Love Is written in the Stone, the Stone of your Heart...God put it there.  We pile anger, bitterness, grudges, hatefulness and The Big Payback on top of the Love.  Then we fall for the tricks of the (D) evil and fall victim under more Oppression.

The Civil Rights Movement, from the Freedom Fighters before me, was always a  campaign of non-violence through Love. I am here to carry on that message of Love and the next phase of the Civil Rights Movement; Geniune Equality.

I will leave this beautiful photo here until I am asked to remove it.