Feb. 20, 2021

Love as a Family

"Everyone can see we're together

As we walk on by

(And) and we fly just like birds of a feather

I won't tell no lie

(All) all of the people around us they say

Can they be that close?

Just let me state for the record

We're giving love in a family dose," We are Family by the Beautiful Queens who taught us to Love as a Family, Legends in their own Right Sister Sledge. The Beautiful Queen Joni Sledge we pay homemage to 💞. 

The Spirits are Not Resting.

Sister Sledge started young as witnesses in the Civil Rights Movement. They were taught singing and voice lessons from their grandmother, Viola Williams, who also happened to be a friend of Educator and Civil Rights activist Mary McLeod Bethune.

Couple more lines of this song, I just Love this song:  

"Like birds of a feather...

I got all my sisters with me) and my brothers with me..We Love as a Family."

Love as a Family, taught to us by this Beautiful family, these Queens; this Family Sledge.