Feb. 16, 2021

Kneeling in Prayer


Good Morning Kings and Queens 👑💞,

Here is a something I have been wanting to share but  it has been slipping my mind among other important things.  It is Not necessary for you to get on your knees in prayer.  I suffered a back injury and am not able to get up and down like that. I have not gotten on my knees in prayer in Years.  

The Ancestors along with my Wise father instructed me that is Not necessary and amounts to begging (that last part came from My Dad who on the 15th of February just celebrated his 87th Birthday, still drives and goes where ever he wants 🥰).  

I sit, or stand in quiet Meditation.  I am living a life in Honor to God and My Beloved Ancestors and they are Blessing me!   They are Blessing us.

I have You and we are GROWing💞.