Feb. 20, 2021

Keep on Moving in God

"It's our time, time today
The right time is here to stay
Stay in my life, my life always
Yellow is the color of Sun rays
I hide Myself, from No one
I know the time will surely come when
You'll be in my life, my life Always
Yellow is the color of sun rays
Keep on moving (Keep on Moving)
Don't stop! (Keep on moving don't stop, no)
Like the hands of time (Keep on Moving)
Click-clock, find your own way (Keep on moving)
To stay The time will come one day," Keep on Moving by Soul II Soul, Love and homemage to the Queen and Legend Doreen Waddell.

We are in Spiritual Warfare that is real and will overtake you if you allow it to.  A beautiful talent and a world void of her gifts, Doreen Waddell had such promise.  A tragic set of circumstances led to her death.

"I come from an era when people used to think we had tails, like an animal. People used to pat our heads for good luck," Jazzie B.

At one time in the United States, the Constitution stated we were part human.  My how we've evolved!  

Despite an early life of blatant Racism, Jazzie B has went on to make Soul II Soul one of the most successful African bands out of the United Kingdom.

No matter what, in this Highway of Life, "Keep on Moving in God.