March 14, 2021

GROW in Kenya

"Today,  #GROW manage to help the needy in Eldoret Kenya, in the slums of Kamukunji, blessings a widow staying in a single room with 5 children with a some shopping, buying nana(old mother)food the one cooking outside and sharing sanitary pads with our girls in the slum,

"Charity is the best form of prayer. Do whatever little you can to help the not so fortunate. You may donate a small portion of your income, you may take out time to teach the underprivileged children, sponsor a meal for the hungry or just spend some time with an old lady who has no one. I am sure that you will move one level high on the spiritual plane. Like prayers, doing charity once is not enough. You have to do it continuously, as much as possible. God bless #GROW"


Amen, Thank you Ambassador Kennedy Lejah for your God Given Purpose and your work with GROW in Kenya.