April 17, 2021

GROW in Kenya

GROW in Kenya

I’d like to express my gratitude for your attention GROW Programme to our children. Many residents of our children’s home are deprived of parental guardianship due to various circumstances: irresponsible or asocial behaviour of parents, deprivation of paternal rights, illness and mainly death of parents. 


Most likely, for these reasons, we adults have a certain moral obligation in relation to such children. We ourselves try to improve their lives and ask for the help of others,thank you so much GROW Program for the donation of shoes, clothes, food and toiletries towards our home.


God bless GROW Organization.


Yours sincere,

Daniel Silbanda,

Director Recque children home


If we don’t take care of our children then they will Not be able to take care of us and take care of the future for the next generation. Children are the Hope for the Future!


If you would like to personally help in these orphanages or the less fortunate in United States, Kenya, Uganda, India or other impoverished parts of the World, your donation will go directly to Sponsor a needy family or Out Children. Remember, our former presidents’ father was born in Kenya.  


These children are OUR future!


There is no Bureaucracy or red tape your donation goes directly to these Countries, these families and these children.


Anything means something to Someone in God which is Love. Thank you and God bless you.