April 15, 2021

GROW in Beloved Kenya

GROW in  Beloved Kenya

GROW Organization through me and my wife,

Today managed to bless the poor & needy girls get sanitary pads in Navakholo Kakamega in Kenya rural & village area. Sanitary wear is a big challenge to them because most families here live on less than $1 a day. Sharon a 14year old class eight pupil told me that she share a little torn towel with my 16-year-old sister during our menstruation because buying actual sanitary wear from shops is very expensive and they can't afford it, she told me that Because they just want to have sanitary wear, some of the girls are in desperate mode and engage in sex work, just to have something to buy sanitary wear, this has put a lot of young girls at a risk of early pregnancy and to make it worse some young girls have been infected with Hiv disease (AIDS). Queen the need is real, we had slight shortage because the number was too high. God bless you as we start realizing #GROW dreams,it was a successful mission thanks for your kindness, generosity and prayers God bless you abundantly GROW.