March 4, 2021

Friends who Check on Me

Friends who Check on Me

Friends who Check on Me


A Spiritual Sign of God sitting in the tree,

When I look up, through the window,

It is looking in at me,

A twist of it's head and a sweet chirp

It's Like she feels the pain I hurt,

Suddenly, flutters over another.


As they both peer in at me, I am comforted, they were sent by the Beloved.


Birds are a Spiritual sign of Love

Yellow ones, White ones, Cardinals and Doves

Forgiving, Understanding yet ever so cautious,


They want to approach us

Yet, are afraid of what is around, things you or I can't see,

I am so happy they are my Friends who Check on Me.


Flying off together, tree to tree, then away from the Spiritual Warfare near me.

I want to go with them as they Flock together

They fly High, soaring above the resistance, Together though, Together

Tsk, tsk

Even a bird understands Love and Forgiveness