Feb. 6, 2021

Dear African People

Dear African People

Dear African People,

It is so sad that We as an African people are like Crabs in a Bucket; don't want to see nobody Try to rise; always think of each other Suspect. Ulterior motives when the Ulterior Motive is really to lift all Africans from Oppression around the world AND in the United States.

God commands us to Love

We are living under a Cruel and Injustice (the definition of Oppression) system full of Inequality and in dire need of Reform.

Racist faces everywhere, that smile in your Face all the time they want to take your Race!

Let's GROW over this Oppression Kings and Queens. We are Royalty, descendants of Kings and Queens but we haven't been acting Like it and the Beloved Ancestors are Not pleased.

Let us Rise and take our Royal, not Inferior position in this World. We are Legends, transformed by a Renewing of our Minds, that Great Mind that God gave us that We can Overcome anything; our Ancestors did! Mind over Matter.

We are in this World but not Of this World! Here by no fault of our Own. We have been so many names, now we have our Correct and Royal name.

African American? We are African First!

God Commands us to Love. I Love You.  

Love and Strength and our Power in Numbers will pull Us from the Oppression inflicted by this Country and Ourselves.

If we only we can Remember where we came from so we can understand where we are going. 

If we don't, we are like a Ship in Uncharted Waters, forever lost and stuck.




Jacqueline Hunt