April 21, 2021

A Modern Day Lynching in Today’s Technology of Lynching

Like everything, even Lynchings have evolved with the timed.

“Right in Broad daylight for the Whole 🌎 world to see: A slow painful death, like a Hanging you see.  This lynching, tho’ Wait! It’s different. 

The World thought the Hate was over.
No! Not at all! Like George the Hate is just as 
Big & Tall as the Strange Fruit here that 
                                         once hung for All.”


We know that Not all officers are bad.  We have some Great Police officers such as Val Demings, who is retired but an officer for life in her Heart and Roger Gemoules. 

However, many of them have traded 
                         Hoods and Sheets for Badges.
#God has seen enough!
#whitesupremacy is a Lie!
The #ProudBoys won’t be so #Proud when they hear from GROW!
#GROW over #Oppression and the end of the 👟 kkk.

Jacqueline Hunt
The GROW Movement