Feb. 6, 2021


Good evening Kings and Queens 👑💞,


prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control.
"a region shattered by oppression and killing"

It is trauma.  It leads to Depression that leads to death.  I suffered Oppression all my life. First as an African born under the Oppression of this Country and then the Oppression that I put upon myself. 

The difference now is, I removed all Chaos Negativity and Drama out of my life.  Yes, walking with God is sometimes a lonely journey.  It was at first, but now look at Us; GROWing in 30 Countries and all over the United States...in 4 months!  It ain't me.  I told you there is a Force beyond the Evil of this World: A Godly Force. 
Good vs Evil

We are the last passengers of the Underground Railroad.   GROW is putting it Out of Service and after 400 years, it's Beyond time for this train's retirement.