May 26, 2021

Be the Best You in God

Be the Best You in God

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

As of 5/25/21 no more coffee for me and I have gotten rid of all soda. Processed meat has cancer causing chemicals and meat takes two days to digest in the body, so I have cut out the meat; this is my own personal choices.  This sacrifice here will save me on stress and Money.  I had to have coffee everyday,  for over 40 years!  

Now I have to have God Everyday!

As we are GROWing in God, as this is a Spiritual Holistic journey and we are also GROWing for our emotional and spiritual well-being.  I used many of my vices to help cope with the Spiritual Warfare, of which I no longer am a part of.  

On this journey as we self reflect, think on what you could cut back on or remove all together for Physical Wellness.  You will be much happier!