June 14, 2021

Be Lifted

Be Lifted
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

A Butterfly stopped by to Encourage another Butterfly;

We are GROWing and God is Showing.  Remember what I said at 6:25.  Something  happens in this episode.  I am a Queen and Keeper of the Dream until the day I die, here is where I testify.

Even though I was bothered that King left Lifted.  Sow Love not hate and make the World Great.

As I am Lifting the World, it gets lighter
I feel you helping me, Lifting others

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork
                 Keepers of the Dream and we’re doing the thing Kings and Queens!

Sow Love and GROW Love and make the World brighter💫💞

Steal, Kill and Destroy
Don’t allow it to.
Even though it tries to
Do not allow it to    

You are the Author of your Destiny, by his Spirit make it GROW