April 12, 2021

As We Rise

As We Rise
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GROW.  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

Don’t tell me what a Conqueror of God cannot do, you are looking at one.  I Overcame honey and I am here to Help you if you want it.

GROW emerged on Facebook in October 2020.

Think back to when you first started GROWing and look at how you have been blessed in this Movement. This Movement has been blessed!  It is Global and those are not My words.  GROW started in the midst of evil; in a haunted house by me a Preacher scared of Ghosts AND on top of that I had a husband who was out to get me too.  
Don’t Tell me what a Conqueror of God cannot do.  

Zecheriah 4:6 Says by the Spirit of God we are Warriors!  We are not to be defeated until Transition!  

Yes, Jesus teaches Forgiveness.  
Have you Forgiven?  

      God is Big on #accountability.  We are under #God, not Man. I am just the Beacon of Light to guide you.  You got this and #God got you!  

You’re Destiny is up to You!