April 23, 2022

An Invitation to Greatness

An Invitation to Greatness
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GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

You may have received an Invitation
 from Us✨💝

We, not just Me
Now I completely understand Myles and Demi

A Powerful word, here is an interesting explanation:

Quote; ‘Used in formal contexts for or by a royal person, or by a writer or editor, to refer to himself or herself,
       in this section We discuss the reasons’ unquote

Here is Wisdom 
Here is the Reasoning;
We Children of God have been Seasoned, His Time for Harvest is Now,

GROW in God or die truly die
We are not here Kings and Queens for Material Things, We are judged by the Heart, No Matter the wrong you do, 
It is the Heart that God sees of You,

 Did you allow the World to turn your Heart cold

If you did not, the Path from here will be Gold

Love and be Loved is the Golden Rule of God
 Therein lies all Righteousness

but Why God, did my family Die, why
God needed them more than You or I,

I wouldn’t be who I am today 

If it weren’t for the Legends who fell Before Me, they helped Mold Me and Shape Me 

to be able in God to tell the whole GROW Story, To God be the Glory

God’s Plan💯 
I’m just the WoMan for the job

To work for God in God’s Plan 


Sow Love you may have received an invitation from Us, 

On God, 

      I suggest you Read it and Heed it

Where I was blind, Now I see,
Where I once didn’t know, now I know