Nov. 28, 2021

Amen, Amen, God is always Hiring!

Amen, Amen, God is always Hiring!

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

I work for God
I Live for God, I Do my job unto God
GROW is God 
God is GROW and I GROW; Sow Love, I Sow Love in GROW as I GROW To GROW. Sow Love, now You Know Why I GROW💫💞

I work for God!

It’s a Good paying job, Lifetime job!
Lifetime Benefits, No days off but You won’t miss them anyways ✋🏾 

It gets you caught up in other stuff 

The application process begins in Your Heart.
No Physical, God Loves you, Come as You are!

I Love working for God and You will too.

God is always hiring.  Love is where you Start in the Heart.

 Apply to GROW; Love yourself and then you Sow Love to others.

Do your work unto the Lord and you will 
Reap All the Benefits 💫💞