April 14, 2022

All My Children of God, we GROW to God

All My Children of God, we GROW to God

GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

*11:10 fades for about three minutes, I don’t know why, I am trying to figure it out
 I Speak so loudly I Pray you can still hear me Glory be to God🙏🏽

Stand by Me the sound is awful I know, we are on A Journey to GROW

African American?

I am African First
I see Black History and Herstory
 Everyday of Every month

Jimoh, I am Africa, Africa,  She is Me,

I am Them, these Beautiful Queens,
 Their Legacy’s and Spirits are Guiding Lights to me

      As I GROW

You are Immeasurable
Your Capabilities in God Immeasurable,

Your Greatness shall be Immeasurable 

Sow Love, GROW💫💞

      in God with what has become
                              a Movement✨💝💫💞