April 8, 2021

A Spiritual Attack designed to Destroy You!

A Spiritual Attack designed to Destroy You!
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GROW.  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

The evil don't want me to tell you about it.  At 6:30 my voice muffles a bit.

GROW on India

COVID-19 vaccinations, food and health screenings!

Just giving God some Praise as I think over my Journey.

God sent them. They're with you also, ordering your Steps, Beloved Ancestors, some say Guardian Angels.

There are Evil spirits as well.  Stay in the Light of God; this is a Spiritual Warfare that goes through people.  

In Religion you are taught there is one devil and one Holy Ghost.  I am a Living witness that there isn't just one devil, there are Spirits, Good and Evil ones.  We are in a Spiritual attack that is designed to destroy you.  Evil counts us up for Slaughter but we are Romans 8:37;
"More than Conquerors in God who loved us."  Evil will go through any means necessary to destroy you, that includes family.

Today and everyday you are a Warrior.  A Conqueror of the most High God and Royalty is in your Ancestral bloodline.  

So Rise Conqueror!  Back on the Battlefield for the Lord!
#God is Love.
#GROW in God which is Love.
#love one another as God commands.
#genuineequality for all not a few.
#abetterway of Thinking, Acting and Living.