April 6, 2022

A Slap in the Face

A Slap in the Face
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

I don’t watch TV but the talk is everywhere, here is 

My ‘O’ on the Slap in the face of Oppression, I call it

It’s time for some folks to GROW

You have nearly a Hundred year old Institution called ‘The Oscars’ which has Contributed to the Racism and divide in this Country and the World

It still places Caucasian Artists, all due respect to them, above other artists,

So much So, that finally, in 1940, ‘The Academy’ bestowed an Oscar to a Beautiful young African WoMan, but would not even allow her into the theater to participate in the ceremony until a movie producer lobbied on her behalf,

Her win failed to translate to more and better roles for nonwhite actors, either, as stereotypes continued to abound and actors of color continued to be shut out of "Oscar-y" roles. No Black actor or actress would win an Oscar in any category again until twenty years later in 1963, when Sidney Poitier won for best actor

Ms. Hattie McDaniel, who is with us in Spirit,  as She is with God, Gone with The Wind, her Legacy GROWs Forth in me

‘The Academy,’ although warming, was and still is a hotbed for Racism, it’s worth the Pass, I’d rather watch Paint dry than to watch so much deserving talent get Overlooked, it’s like,

   A Slap in the Face
Sow Love, GROW

Use the Mind to Reach, the Heart to Love,
The Hands to Teach, not to Beat, 
in the end, when we Leave it all my friend, 
the Soul is God’s to do Away with or to Keep,

God our Father said Love
Love is an Action word
Love and Be Love

We can’t Control others, not even what ‘They’ say, 
As we GROW,
let us have the Will to Control ourselves, we Will achieve Greatness and Will be a Role model to others💫💞