June 10, 2021

A sign of Hope in the Spiritual Warfare

A sign of Hope in the Spiritual Warfare

Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

A message today from God!

I had lost the Will to live, two months ago. 
The Oppression was too much!
But God and GROW.  

I have recently gained my appetite.  With the loss of the Will to live goes the appetite.  I had long stopped eating. My body got used to this and I can go days without eating.  I forced myself and could take a few bites at a time.

The Oppression led to Depression!  But God!

 Through GROW, God has placed someone in my life who makes sure I eat although my eating habits have drastically changed.  I don’t eat what I used to and I control food, it doesn’t control me coffee.  I lost over 70 pounds in a few short months.

Broken and homeless, two months ago, I was done as 
I had already rebuilt before more times than One.
Now with a 16 year old and after a #narcissist wiped me out,
the World and the evil had finally Won!

But You, You loved me through God and then through GROW. I looked at my precious ring as I sat crying on the Coldest day of my Life.

I remembered I bought this for me towards the end with Brian.  A reminder of my Love for me and I stopped crying.

This ring where it replaced the one which  stood for men who didn’t love me, 
Now stands for God’s Love for me 
which is my Love for myself 
as God created me.

 Kings and Queens, the hardest lesson from above, God Loves me and 
I Love God, the Spirit dwells within me;
          You don’t kill something you love.

Thank you God and GROW and GROW I shall for a Better Way the rest of my days.  This life is not my own to God I belong as I gave myself to God.

God help us and bless us as we GROW each and everyday💞