Nov. 28, 2022

A natural herb but what is being done to it is not natural; it’s a Wrap

A natural herb but what is being done to it is not natural; it’s a Wrap
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

The episode itself does not discuss this topic, but I feel the need to 
Bring forth a Message here, 

The Messenger 

I got a message, from God yesterday
A natural herb  of our Enduring Earth but what is being done to it is not natural

A 2 year long standing tradition has ended
It’s a wrap, just like that
The avenues have dried up, 
they don’t know where to get the stuff

Heed, Fentanyl laced Weed 
Our people are dying from Fentanyl 
All we need is God

unless you can GROW
unless you know, then still,

Do you really know,

The hands it passes through 
before it even gets to you

It’s not worth it to me
The dispensary is astronomical, they have overhead I understand 

God is overhead of My Life
I live to GROW for God

What I used to use to cope, to level my head in a marriage with an evil man in 2020

It became Legal in my state, I had got hurt at work, I left the doctor alone, his pills he kept wanting to try for my back

The Side effects were the setback!
Set me back so I couldn’t walk


It became me and Mary Jane
Oh my God it helped me cope with Brian!

It made the back pain Better

However, it is not the same
Mary Jane, that Rain shall never come again

Once when I was 17 (bad experience) I was tripping 
then Dabbled a tiny bit once after that, I never really liked it, it always scared me

#1 I couldn’t, I was a Bus Driver for twenty years

#2 I Prefer being in control of my Own Mind

I am GROW, this is what I do to GROW  daily in God

The Will of God is for Us to GROW💫💞

God is Love
Love is the backbone of all religion

Sow Love, GROW Love all over the World
To drive out hate and make the World Great

Material things dont mean anything, one day we shall Leave with nothing

We are Spirits having a Physical experience
Life is what you make it, make it Beautiful ✨💝

Sow Love here We GROW 💫💞