Nov. 26, 2021

A Mustard Seed of Faith

A Mustard Seed of Faith

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

A Mustard Seed of Faith.

God is Mooooving

To grow

No one ever said it would be easy
we have the Power To GROW easier

By the Spirit of God within you
   not By the evil around You

You choose your Path, your Destiny.  God has the Plan.
💞💫Deep Fam💫💞

Mix it up and match it up in God;
What you Reap you shall Sow and Vice versa!

Sisters and Brothers from Another Mother💖

We match in other ways🩸, organs, what you need? A kidney? Some plasma? Love? Time?


The same Father God.

GROW all over the World 💫💞