Dec. 30, 2020

A Life in Church, Now I'm GROWing

A Life in Church, Now I'm GROWing
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GROW.     Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

We need to check out Hearts before we go into these Fairytale marriages of Happily Ever After! Under the Christian law in marriages the husband is the Head of the wife and Rules and makes decisions.  That is how I wound up in the Dutiful Praying Wife role;  praying for a Marriage that was not meant to be.  I'm not the Tail to Nobody, I learned that. That is another way Religion controls you; through Marriage.  I am  a Queen, my Own Ruler and I am a Legend.

Many times People go into marriage with messed-up Agendas.  They're Heart ain't right, holding onto Old hurts, pain and baggage from the past, only take it out and be an Oppressor to You.

 They will have to set their sights on something that they want; Control and/or Money.   Take your time getting to know people because people will put you under Oppression.