June 15, 2022

A Godly Good time Rising Higher in God

A Godly Good time Rising Higher in God

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

A message to Another Mother was for Both

You can’t see Love, but Love exists
You can’t see Peace, but Peace exists

I would Love to bring Peace to the World
Change is within us all to make the World a Better place; 

One by One till evil and hate are done

       Sow Love, GROW all over the World 💫💞

I Love Now & Laters
I told you about ‘They’ and ‘Them’ but remember him;


‘They’ said I was nothing,
God said I was Something; His, when no one else Would claim me

I fixed Me,

I began to Love Me

In God, I am Somebody
We are Somebody 

Sow Love, let’s GROW💫💞