Jan. 13, 2021

A Conversation with Bishop Dear, Honey, he got Mad!

A Conversation with Bishop Dear, Honey, he got Mad!
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GROW.   Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

"Think it over (Yeah)
Life ain't a four leaf clover, (Oh, no it ain't)
Think it over (Brother)
Life ain't a four leaf clover

Love is a flower, from that a bud
To spread its sunshine and make us love
Beautiful colors shinin' though
Bless you, brother
God is watching you,"  Flowers by the Emotions.  

That's what we are God's Flowers.  Being Spiritual you can listen to any kind of music you want, just Live Honorably with a pure Heart. This song popped in my head as I was finishing up the podcast, from the Beloved Ancestors. I will play it softly as I re-listen to this episode.  I was unaware of this but Pamela Rose Hutchinson of the Emotions passed September 18, 2020.  The Spirits are Not resting as Christianity teaches. 

Bishop Dear an interesting voice to the Conversation on Race.  He got mad cause it makes you mad: Injustice.  I apologize in advance if anyone is offended.

Just like his Ancestors before, the victims of the riots, Rodney King with all his faults was a victim of the Oppression of this Country.  The Oppression we feel now is Generational from the effects of slavery of our Ancestors.