March 25, 2021

A Better Way

A Better Way

The wind is an slight issue in the beginning. I will be mindful of the wind. God is Moving!

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GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

My show is Good.  It is My Life and how I Overcame Oppression.  GROWing in God is my Life and Divine Intervention has brought me you. It has taken a funny unexpected twist.  It is actually delightful, regarding the Narcissistic behavior.  I am outing this behavior.

 It is First and Foremost about #God .  It Inspirational to Lift us as a People to come Together in Love, what God commands.  Yes, we are still reeling from Slavery, it has now descended into Oppression.  It's got something Scary
because it was created in the midst of Evil, a #hauntedhouse ,     it's the Drama of forcing Someone to come to terms with their Devastating actions, a Narcissist doesn't Understand that.  We are in a Spiritual Warfare and I am outing the  Narcissistic behavior.  

It is enlightening with a lil humor cause you Got to laugh to keep from Crying and it Serious because the Movement is being Propelled by God and the Beloved Ancestors who are pushing us towards Genuine Equality and Greatness, not inferiority.  The Spirits are not Resting.

GROW is already making an impact in many Lives!  It Saved mine,  Look at you GROWing in God which is what He commands.

A Better Way 

A Better Way of Thinking, a Better Way of Acting and a Better Way of Living!  Fix your Heart, Change your Mind and GROW in God!