July 29, 2022

2207; Chosen and told to GROW

2207; Chosen and told to GROW

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

I’ve lived in haunted houses all adult Life, followed by spirits and ghosts

I was Always able to leave home because I was too scared to even be in them alone in Daytime

Until I moved into 2207

If I wasn’t in there when #brianhunt called he said I was out cheating, I was not 

But he was, 


I was scared for my life, I had no where to turn, he drove everyone away
He didn’t want to hear about what the ghosts were doing, Once I told him something he jumped Up and took off running,

As a Minister, I was all in the Bible, asking others Ministers

One said, ‘Naw you don’t want to mess with them, those are familial spirits!’

I wasn’t messing with them, they were messing with me! Until one day, Keepers of the Dream, I had a TV back then and the TV was playing up loud

‘God is dealing with me Hallelujah’

I was leaving out the door, hurrying causeI felt something!

 I was getting my things together, keys etc, all of a sudden, my TV sound turned all the way down and I heard a bunch of people whispering at the Top of the stairs, nobody was home but me, 

I ran out Screaming;

God had to Show!

I began hearing Good voices, Real Good voices in my head telling me what to do this happened over a period of 5 months

Then August 29, 2020

Chosen and Told to GROW

Soon, the World will know, 
from 1 to 8 Billion 

‘Yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil


What does that make You?
To Change that around You💫💞

There wasn’t just evil spirits with me in that house, The Holy Spirits, they’re here now, 

I-I- I Know I’ve been Changed to GROW, 
The Angels in Heaven Done signed my name

www.GROWProgram.org —> It ain’t just a Show, it’s a Way of Life, 

       Sow Love, GROW