Loan Sharks

Loan Sharks

Sweet Daddy! The Legend himself who brought Many characters to life and lifted Africans on many levels; The King who had Everybody shaking in their Boots, except Mr. Evans lol, Theodore Wilson.


They hated to see Sweet Daddy coming but we didn' Sweet Daddy was cool 😎, but I didn't like him Loan sharking people. 


That was in fun but real life Loan sharking ain't fun, especially for us. Africans are more economically disadvantaged than other races.



Testimony time


I haven't had a Payday loan in years... years! I actually counsel people against Payday loans because those are Loan Sharks. They might as well Step to you like Sweet Daddy did!  


Within the past weeks, I have been included in group text messages about payday loans with over 200 people. I turn those around and send people Inspirational messages of God as well as counseling against Loan Sharks, if you can help it. Through God and the Beloved Ancestors, I have turned something bad into something good.


Thanks be to Sweet Daddy, we now know better💞.