April 21, 2021

GROW in India

GROW in India

GROW in Beloved India.


Praises be to God!  God bless India, God bless your GROW Ambassador Dilpreet Singh.


I know what it's like to be homeless and have nothing. However, I kept my eyes on God I never let go of God's unchanging hand.  I never did and God brought me out of that and blessed me so much that I Pray it Forward. I had God who brought me out of it so that I can use my life to be a blessing to others!


The things we take for granted like shelter, blankets, bananas, rice, and cereal mean so much to Someone who is less fortunate.


A lot of times when we're sending money to charities and although many mean well, they Pick and Choose who they help and a lot of times the money goes through so much bureaucracy and red tape that it takes Forever to reach where it is needed.


GROW is stepping in and making a difference! All proceeds go immediately to help lift God's people all over the World.  We may have different skin but we have One Heart.

Even if you Pray it Forward just a little; Something means Something to Someone 💞