The  G.R.O.W.  Program is a behavior management and mentor program that mainly supports schools, and extended day youth facilities. Our organization’s behavior management and mentoring approach are focused on positive relationship building. Our partnering schools experienced a tremendous improvement in student attendance, a significant reduction in teacher office referrals, and a greater student commitment to learning.


 The urban specialists are professionals who grew up in the same communities as the male youth they mentor.  More  importantly,  these  mentors  matured and achieved success in life. Their backgrounds and experience stand out and is one of the essential reasons why the program is so unique. Some of the mentors have professional experience in the music industry and have toured with some of the nation’s biggest stars. Also, on the staff are some of the more notable event promoters in the state. Others are entrepreneurs that can create part-time job opportunities for the boys. Their resources and talents help to shape a program unique to most efforts implemented across the country. All of this is done with one purpose in mind, to make sure our young people achieve success.

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